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Monday 3.45 PM

Posted by Vincent on May 22, 2006

I've finish the exam for maths.
What I wish to comment is the Paper 1 and Paper 2 are way too far level.

Paper 1 are much much much more easier than Paper 2. WTF.gif
I doubt Mr.Lee will say anything about the paper later in the class.
This is the first time I "shot" on my Paper 2 question, even only one.
Hope my grade for maths won't drop as it maintains for years before this,

About the Radio Blog, I'm currently registering for a new host and hope it will give better service than other hosts.

I would have to wait for at most 48 hours for my registration to be approve by their staff.
The host support wordpress hosting too.But I don't quite like their domain name.


What do you think ?

Oh ya, I've got my first team icon,"SimpleDark" to the Member's Graphic Gallery on IFSZ. Yippie ~



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