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Opera 9 Beta

Posted by Vincent on May 24, 2006

I've just downloaded the Opera 9 Beta (web browser) and would like to share it here.

Opera features:


  • Import favorites/bookmarks

    To import your favorites/bookmarks, go to "File" and "Import and Export" and select your previous browser's bookmarks.

  • Tabbed browsing
    You can open multiple pages inside Opera. Try it by clicking on the "New tab" button in the top left corner. After opening it, close it by clicking on the red X.

    • Search field

      Search the Web with Google in the integrated field. No need to download those annoying toolbars!

    • Password manager

      Remembering all those passwords is history. Opera's password manager, the Wand, remembers your usernames and passwords for you. Log in manually once and use the Wand for later visits.

    • Trash

      Notice the little trash can in the top right corner? It's brilliant. If you mistakenly close a Web page, you can re-open it from the Trash can. Try it by closing the tab you're reading right now (click the red X). Go to the Trash can and re-open it!

    • Sessions

      Do you browse many of the same sites every day? You can save a collection of open pages as a session and open them all at once later. Go to "File" » "Sessions" and get started!

    • Security bar

      Are you really on your own bank's Web site when checking your account? The small, yellow security bar appears on secure sites and displays the name of the organization that owns the certificate. It also indicates the level of security on a site.

    What's new in Opera 9 beta:

    • Opera Widgets

      Opera Widgets are small AJAX apps, for specific functionality – like getting your favorite news, converting currency, etc. Documentation on Opera Widgets – how to use them and how to make them.

    • BitTorrent

      BitTorrent – one of the most popular file transfer protocols around. Built right in to the browser so you can download torrent files easily. No more hassle finding the right port or setting upload/download speed.

    • Customize your search engines

      Use your favorite search engine in the search box. Go to the site you want and right click on the search field site and click on the search field. You will then be prompted to "create search".

    • Improved content blocker

      Cosmetic surgery for Web pages. Just right click on a page and select "block content". Any content not greyed out can be blocked with a click. Select "done" and see the page the way you want.

    • Improved pop-up blocker

      Just try it with some nasty popups. We added more intelligence to help weed out even more pop-ups. But since not all pop-ups are created equal, use the trash can to retrieve pop-ups you may want.

    • Site specific preferences

      Control settings for specific pages. Accept some cookies and deny others? Set your own style sheet to make the site more accessible. Just right click on the page and select "Site preferences".

    • Thumbnail preview

      Opera saves system resources and uses less memory than other browsers so it's easy to have many sites open at once. But just what tab had that video you wanted? Using the thumbnail feature, you can find out by hovering the mouse on any tab.

     Source : http://www.opera.com/



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    1. Roy said

      Shocking! –rofcc00g

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