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Posted by Vincent on May 24, 2006

Hooray !!~ At last the exam ends.

I’ve my history today, it wasn’t that hard as I thought.

Those questions are quite direct, can recall even I didn’t revise ’em.

My school will celebrate the teachers Day on Friday.

I plan to skip Thursday and Friday for school. 70% there will be a few idiots (teachers)

who spot for students with long hair and cut ’em.I don’t understand why they do that

since it’s already near the holiday, just 2 days left.

Nvm, as I said, they are idiots.

If I’m going for the teacher’s day, I guess I’ll buy a clock for the asshole who cut my hair before this. ( Chinese will know the meaning by giving clock as a gift )

I’m not satisfied with him for cutting my hair while his hair is LONG TOO !!!

I don’t quite understand, why teachers do not need to have uniform?

As I know, almost every job needs uniform.

Job with high salary like pilot, they do have uniform.

Those who wash toilets do have uniform too.

Teachers, educators, should have uniform too.They should show good example to the students.

Teachers can dye their hair, students can’t. Why ?

Students who dye their hair are consider as indiscipline .

So teachers do not need to be discipline? Totally crap.

This is the main reason why I HATE DISCIPLINE TEACHERS.

I will stop talking about those retards, let’s party~



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