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X-Men:The Last Stand

Posted by Vincent on May 26, 2006

I went to the cinema today.

Watched X-Men:The Last Stand. I rate that movie 7/10.

The movie aren't very interesting. X-Men 2 is better.

In the movie, Professor X, died when he try to help a girl called Jean.

Scott and Jean died too. So I doubt if there will be Episode 4 of X-Men.

Below are the characters of X-Men:The Last Stand.

Logan/Wolverine: Hugh Jackman
Storm: Halle Berry
Professor Charles Xavier: Patrick Stewart
Magneto: Ian McKellen
Jean Grey: Famke Janssen
Rogue: Anna Paquin
Dr. Henry McCoy/Beast: Kelsey Grammer
Cyclops: James Marsden
Mystique: Rebecca Romijn
Bobby Drake/Iceman: Shawn Ashmore
Pyro: Aaron Stanford
Juggernaut: Vinnie Jones
Warren Worthington III/Angel: Ben Foster
Kitty Pryde: Ellen Page
Callisto: Dania Ramirez
MPAA rating PG-13
Running time — 104 minutes.

Some images :

This girl was naked when turn back into human. ^^"

I went to the night market after watching and baught some food and I'm wet cause of the rain.

Nice outing with Jeremy and his friends.



One Response to “X-Men:The Last Stand”

  1. meiyean said

    boring arr?? i plan to watch tim..

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