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Archive for the ‘ Vincent’s Article’ Category


Posted by Vincent on June 14, 2006

My domain has benn approve and I’ll be using it on my other blog.

I may be more active there and won’t post much here.

Please visit my new blog at http://VincentChow.Net



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New Blog

Posted by Vincent on June 9, 2006

Hi there, I’ve been few days didn’t post here.

Guess what I’m doing? I’m making a new blog at http://vchannel.ahplace.com

This is because the blog hosted at wordpress.com are not as good as remotely hosted wordpress blog.

WordPress.com do not allow javascript and any other cool stuff, but if I host it somewhere else, I’m allowed.

Even I’ve make a new blog but I still use this one, because I’ve use it for a quite a long time, maybe.

You can find some tools like domain whois check, free domain and free webhosting at http://vchannel.ahplace.com

Paying a visit to my new site at http://vchannel.ahplace.com and leave a comment will much appreciated.

And maybe I’ll turn that blog into a website or whatever.

You know, the curiosity of mine are great and I would also be very happy if you let me know who are you and how you hear this blog too.

And if you let me know who you are and how you hear about this wordpress blog and my 2nd at http://vchannel.ahplace.com,I will have a happy day~

At least, your name and where you from?

And ya, my HB points reach 746 !

Which means I’ll have enough points to own a domain by Monday..

But I’ve not decided yet what domain should I register , http://vincentchow.net ?? Suggestions are warmly welcome.

Hmm.. I’m sleepy now, going to bed soon..



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